Monday, 7 December 2009

Enterprise Transformation impacts on Enterprise Architecture

The following is a high level list of the major forces around Enterprise Transformation that impact the strategic nature of Enteprise Architecture

a. A clear business vision that sets the goals and objectives for the future

b. A fit for purpose IT Strategy in line with the business vision

c. A concise set of critical success factors and key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of EA efforts across the organisation

d. A sincere appreciation of the importance of people and culture in utilising EA as a strategic tool for enabling business change

e. An honest feedback mechanism for EA efforts

f. An alignment with industry best practice around EA adoption

Finally, the vision to enable technology that will result in tangible outcomes

The above should form the basis of a business / justifcation case for EA and enable the CXO community to budget for EA efforts ensuring real outcomes on a regular basis.